Chauffeur Services

Our company has in excess of 100 drivers, who are highly skilled in their jobs. All staff are courteous and polite and receive strict instructions in dealing with customers in a manner so as to provide them with the ultimate comfort. All drivers observe the legal rules in relation to breaks during shifts.

Before any driver is taken on a full check on his or her ability and reliability is carried out. The initial tests include the necessary CRB, medical and local authority tests for knowledge as well as a DSA approved driving test. Following this, we provide various in-house training and character verifications. Many of our drivers are multi-lingual and can converse in languages other than English. These include Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, German, Mandarin and Cantonese.


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We have a very strict training procedure in order to make sure the drivers are competent to perform the duties required of them. This training also includes a procedure whereby the individual is briefed on daily checks to be carried out in relation to the vehicle. We consider it very important that the driver knows that the safety of the customer is paramount. The terms of employment further enhance at the very outset on the fact that drivers are required to behave courteously and with concern for the customer.

We always welcome feedback in relation to our staff so that we can try to improve our service.




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